New Blog

For those of you that do happen to follow or check this blog, we are going to be using our new tumblr from now on. You can follow us at the following link...




2010 Skate Perception Montage

Dave killed it on this edit! Props to him, all the filmers, all the skaters.



Cleveland Teaser

Just a teaser of our Cleveland trip to see Anamanaguchi and Peelander-Z.




Tony, Tyler, Taylor, Justin, Zach and I went to Bassnectar last Friday. It was insane to say the least. I didn't film this, but here's a short clip I found online from that night. Shit gets real around the :38 mark.

Also, Dave, Tony and I are headed to Cleveland today to skate and then go to another Anamanaguchi concert. So there should hopefully be some footage of our trip sometime this week.